recycled products

Harlaxton are committed to offering you a bespoke start to end solution with complete in-house capabilities, we aim to be cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly throughout the process, whether by installing utilities or providing recycled materials.

Harlaxton are currently recycling 100% of inert and bituminous as dug materials at our Head office located north of Grantham just off the A1. The past few years have seen an increase on tipping tax year on year with the introduction of a higher tipping tax for specialist waste.

Being able to tip, recycle and dispatch recycled products on the same site drastically reduces traffic, time and reduces operating costs which in turn reduces our carbon emissions and our carbon footprint. We believe that recycling materials is the way forward as it is cost effective, sustainable and value for money.

Our range of recycled products is constantly growing and we’re proud to offer our customers an extensive selection of products that are not only recycled but also reliable.

Eco Blox, So easy to build with, it’s child’s play

Inspired by children’s building bricks, Harlaxton’s Eco Blox are the clever, mortar-free way to build solid retaining walls without costly, lengthy construction.

Made to rigorous EU quality standards from recycled aggregates and sustainable materials, Eco Blox feature a series of interlocking nodes for safe and secure building. There’s no need to lay any special foundations – all you need is a flat, stable surface and standard lifting machinery capable of lifting 1.2 tons. And, because Eco Blox don’t need any mortar, you can build and rebuild whatever the weather.

Why choose Eco Blox?

  • Environmentally friendly – made from recycled materials
  • A safe, secure interlocking system means no mortar needed
  • Quick installation in any weather
  • Minimum site preparation – you just need a flat, stable surface
  • Handy anchors in each block allow for quick attachment to a lifting clutch for easy movement
  • Suitable for lifting with a forklift, telehandler or small crane
  • Full advice and design service
  • Free delivery within 25 miles from our depot

Eco Blox come in three different sizes for coursing, and are available in other special finishes. You can also create a more attractive finish by topping off your wall with our specially designed coping blocks.

All Eco Blox meet BS EN 9001 quality assurance and BS EN 14001 environmental standards.

If you need a firm surface for your Eco Blox, we offer a soil stabilisation system. If you’re building higher than four courses, we recommend using a concrete base – which we can provide if needed.

More great recycled products from Harlaxton

We believe passionately in doing everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment, which is why we recycle 100% of all inert and bituminous dug materials. So as well as Eco Blox, we also offer a range of high-quality and cost-effective recycled products, including:

  • Alternative Reinstatement Material (ARM) transforms excavated materials into useable backfill in minutes. Uses include sub-base for roads and pavements, farm tracks and yard areas.
  • Grade A, multipurpose topsoil perfect for laying turf, raising levels and creating beds and borders
  • Fine fill aggregate for pipe bedding and surround
  • Concrete bound excavation material CBEM3 flowable concrete.

To find out more about any of our recycled products email or telephone 0844 335 8897.

recycled products