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Terms and Conditions

Civil Works
Harlaxton’s Quotation has been prepared on by way of a “desktop” inspection of the “proposed route” and the entire “off site” route. The price quoted is fixed for excavation and re-instatement in the surface material apparent at the time of inspection.

Should we subsequently discover concrete beneath asphalt / bituminous type wearing surfaces, concrete surfaces of greater than normal (150mm) thickness, or reinforced concrete and a direct route through the aforementioned surfaces is required, we shall seek to be reimbursed for all additional net costs.

Should the above situation arise we shall deviate from the route where practical and in the event the total aggregate route length as described in our quotation increases by less than 2% due to such deviations to avoid such unforeseen conditions, all additional costs will be borne by Harlaxton Engineering Services Ltd.

We draw your attention to the fact our offer is based on the relevant local authorities granting permissions for undertaking the stated route and is subject to inspection of existing utility drawings within the vicinity.

We have included for traffic management in accordance with NRSWA Code of Practice, Safety at Street Works and Road Works, and reinstatement in accordance with HAUC specification SROH, issued under NRSWA. Where local authorities determine through their local policies that they require, additional trench width reinstatement, road closures, diversions or out of hours working, such restraints would afford additional costs & time borne by the client.

In accordance with the current Harlaxton Engineering Services Ltd cable/pipe laying requirements, our offer includes for a stepped trench providing coverage from the top of duct/able/pipe/duct.

Any obstructions such as hard rock, concrete, or building foundations etc. or where a deeper depth is required will constitute a variation to the contract and an extra charge will be claimed, along with any additional time expended to undertake the work.

We have included for normal pumping for inclement weather only. The need to have permanent de-watering plant on site is excluded.

We have not included in our Quotation a cost for disposal of contaminated ground.

When cables are installed we will conduct cable sheath and continuity tests and provide test results sheets and be handed to and signed by client, any subsequent damage to cables sheaths or conductors will be considered out of our control and additional to our scope of supply, re-tests for cable damage is considered additional and an additional charge will be made.

Harlaxton reserve the right to make an additional charge for any of the following:

Any error, omission or inaccuracy in any of the assumptions  or matter identified in the Quotation.

Any other information provided by you, IDNO/GT/IGT or third party concerning any existing Network or infrastructure which such events necessitate a variation or other change to the design or performance of the works whether to connect to any existing Network in accordance with the IDNO or otherwise.

Items of historical archaeological or special scientific interest and any such obstruction or conditions that necessitate a variation or performance of the works.

Project Establishment, Access & Egress
Our offer has been based on the Principal contractor for the site providing all welfare facilities for the on and off site works.

Our offer is based on an area being allocated on site suitable for secure storage. Once the goods have been delivered to site all site insurance and security become the responsibility of the main client.

Our offer has allowed for the delivery, and off-loading of plant, with the use of a HIAB type vehicle, which must have sufficient and unimpeded access to immediately adjacent the substation site during scheduled delivery periods.

Off-loading is assumed to be on hard standing adjacent to the works.

Scheduling & Programs
We have allowed for the works to be carried out in normal daytime working between the hours of 08:00 – 16:30 Monday & Friday only excluding Bank Holidays. Any variance to be agreed between the parties in writing.

The anticipated minimum build period, ready for final connections subject to any distribution works required and are subject to:

  • Successful agreement of Harlaxton’s terms of Quotation and receipt by Harlaxton of Acceptance Form and initial payment
  • Payments are received by Harlaxton Engineering Services Ltd as per quotation in accordance with Harlaxton General Conditions of Contract (version 1 2016) which can be downloaded from our website www.harlaxton.com
  • Harlaxton Engineering Services Limited retains legal ownership of all goods until payment of all monies due and owing under the contract are received from the customer.
  • Any goods delivered to the customer will be insured by the customer at their own cost at the point of delivery.
  • Harlaxton Engineering Services Limited reserves the right to enter the buyer’s site/premises to seize/repossess their materials/good/ equipment if payment is not received within the timescales laid down and agreed within the quotation.
  • The Design being approved by the adopting Network Operator.
  • Suitable Access
  • Completion of all legal documentation where required by Harlaxton and/or Licensed Network Operator/and/or any Third Party.

The quotation/proposal is made with the assumption that the works will be awarded in line with our quotation and with continuous working, with the transgression from each of the stages unless otherwise stated in the quotation as detailed below.

We reserve the right to amend our Quotation if you as the customer subsequently decide to let the works in a “piecemeal” fashion.

Legal Obligations
There will be certain aspects relating to the works that can be only carried out by the Client whichever organisation undertakes the project, these would need to be in place prior to energisation of the Network (Electrics) or adoption of the pipework (Gas)or Agreement with the Water Company such as:-

  • Wayleaves /easements/lease/conveyance/transfer deeds as may be required between the client and/or Harlaxton/LDNO/third party
  • Connection Agreement (Electrics only)
  • Securing of supply capacity (Electrics only)
  • Appointment of Energy Supplier (Gas & Electrics)
  • Appointment of Meter Operator (Electrics only)
  • Self-Lay Agreement (SLA) (Water only)
  • Any other document specific to Harlaxton Engineering Services

Should we be successful in being awarded this project along with management of the non-contestable works we would be happy to provide the necessary support and guidance in ensuring the above legal requirements are compliant.

We will need to obtain legal consents and/or wayleaves/easements/leases/conveyances or transfers of land from appropriate parties for the installation of plant, cables, pipes, and equipment. We will require you to provide such assistance as we may reasonably request and we expect you to pay all the reasonable legal costs in obtaining such consent and/or wayleaves, easements, leases, conveyances or transfers from third parties and/or land agents.

A fee may be necessary in consideration for the grant of cable easements and/or wayleaves for the grant of the freehold interest in such land which is payable by the client.

We shall not be obliged to commence the works until completion of the lease, conveyance, or transfer to the Distribution Network Operator of the legal title to the land together with all the necessary consents, easements and wayleaves required for us to carry out the works.

If the terms and conditions or scope of the works are varied as a result of the necessary leases, conveyances or transfers not being obtained within a reasonable time then the price will be amended to reflect any alterations required.

Under the clauses of the LDNO (Electrics)/ GT/IGT (Gas) specified adoption agreement being entered into by ourselves on your behalf, we would hereby confirm that the title of the works being undertaken will be passed to the LDNO/GT/IGT under such an adoption agreement.

Self-Lay Agreements (SLA) (Water), are required to be entered into between the Developer/Landowner/Third Party (if necessary) and Harlaxton. Under an SLA the responsibility is acknowledged to lie with the Developer/Landowner to secure any legal consents/ requirements of the Water Undertaker in respect of Mains Supply Pipe(s) to enable the Asset Value to be paid directly to the Developer/Landowner.

Title prior to this adoption will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contact between us.

The client and/or their Solicitors must advise Harlaxton immediately of any proposed changes that may affect the legal obligations/acquisitions (i.e. change in current ownership or intended change by way of sale of individual or multi plots by clients/Developers to enable agreement to be reached between the parties to ensure documentation in respect of any ongoing disposal/sale incorporates the suitable service rights to enable Harlaxton or adopting Utility company to comply with their Licence conditions.

Health, Safety and Environment
The proposal includes for full project management of the works, including all on site testing and commissioning.

Furthermore our offer allows for compliance with the requirements of the CDM regulations in the role of Sub-Contractor on/off site. Although all general health and safety issues, including design, have been considered in our offer, at present we have not received the pre tender health and safety plan document and reserve the right to adjust our offer accordingly.

We have included for the removal of normal waste only, the removal of any contaminated or special waste is excluded from our offer.

Conditions of Offer

The Terms and Conditions applicable to the works shall be Harlaxton General Conditions of Contract (version 1 2016)

Glossary of Terms

ASC (Authorised Supply Capacity)
Means the agreed maximum capacity measured in kilo volt- amperes you are allowed to take from the Distribution System through the nominated Point Of Connection

AV (Asset Valuation)
Means any Asset Valuation being offered from the Network Operator

Contestable Works
Work that can be undertaken by an approved contractor such as Harlaxton Engineering Services Ltd

Means any respect of works being conducted in the highway as defined in NRSWA (1991)

Means the Gas Transporter/independent Gas Transporter licensed under the Gas Act 1986 (as amended)

Means Connection System Exit Point. This is the designated point of connection to the existing GT/IGT supporting network.

Means the Licensed Distribution Network Operator under the Electricity Act 1989 (as amended) which constitutes LDNO and IDNO

LDNO Asset Diversion Charges
This charge may be applicable if diversions of any plant or apparatus owned by the incumbent LDNO are deemed necessary to make way for your development. This charge is applicable regardless of whoever undertakes the contestable elements of the work. Asset diversions are non-contestable and can only be undertaken by the LDNO. The charge will be the same for all third parties.

LDNO Design Approval & Inspection Charge
This charge is applicable, regardless of whoever undertakes the work. The charge is for inspection and monitoring of the sub- contract works at the construction phase of the project.

LDNO Legal Consents Charge
This charge is applicable where plant and apparatus are installed within privately owned land, such as a cable that crosses land owned by a third party. It is a charge for the time spent by the

LDNO Estates Officer and legal representatives in liaising with Landowners and obtaining the necessary consents.

Easement / Wayleave
An Easement is a perpetual right negotiated by and granted to the distribution network operator to install and maintain, cables pipes and/or equipment under or over private land normally without restriction. A Wayleave is for limited duration.

Third Party
It may be necessary to approach third party(ies) landowner (s) in relation to obtaining an Easement/Wayleave.

LDNO Upstream Reinforcement Charges
This charge may be applicable if reinforcement becomes necessary to the LDNO system. The reinforcement of the system may be necessary to facilitate the connection of your development. This charge is applicable regardless of whoever undertakes the contestable elements of the work. The charge will be the same for all third parties.

Means the New Roads & Street Works Act 1991 and any other regulations or amendments

Non-Contestable Works Work that can only be carried out by the LDNO (Licensed Distribution Network Operator)

Point Of Connection
This is the designated point of connection to the existing distribution system from which the new network shall be extended.

The charge associated with this is levied regardless of whoever undertakes the work to extend the LDNO system. It is provided by the LDNO and is a charge for assessment of the distribution network, based upon the electrical demand requirements for your development. The charge will be the same for all third parties.

SLA (Self Lay Agreement)
Means Self Lay Agreement that is entered into by Harlaxton (SLO), developer/landowner/third party (if necessary & the Water Undertaker stating the terms & conditions of which the works can be completed under Section 51 of the Water Act (1991)

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